Kramer allrad 850 pyöräkuormaaja

Hinta 60,00  - 169,00  päivässä.

  • Tehokas pyörakuormaaja
  • Nelipyöräohjattu
  • Maakauha
  • Trukkipiikit
  • Paino 4500kg
  • Nostokyky 2350kg
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1 - 4 päivää: 169,00  / Päivä
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6 - 7 päivää: 149,00  / Päivä
8 - 14 päivää: 135,00  / Päivä
15 - 30 päivää: 100,00  / Päivä
30 - 365 päivää: 60,00  / Päivä
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1 - 3 Tuntia: 45,00  /Tunti
4 - 24 Tuntia: 169,00  Kiinteä hinta
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Kramer allrad 850 pyöräkuormaaja on teknisesti huippuluokkaa. Taloudellisesti houkutteleva, kompakti, tehokas, älykäs ja erittäin mukautuva. Kramer allrad 850 pyöräkuormaaja on kone, jolla on lähes rajattomat mahdollisuudet.

Kramer allrad 850 pyöräkuormaaja
  • Tehokas pyöräkuormaaja
  • Nelipyöräohjattu
  • Maakauha
  • Trukkipiikit
  • Paino 4500kg
  • Nostokyky 2350kg
Kramer allrad 850 valmistajan sivut täältä.

The company of Kramer …

Kramer-Werke GmbH from Pfullendorf belongs to Wacker Neuson SE with its headquarters in Munich. The globally active group of companies is characterised by innovative products in the areas of construction equipment and compact construction machines.

Kramer-Werke GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturing company that places high value on its own research and development. Compact wheel loaders, tele wheel loaders and tele handlers are sold under the brand name Kramer in the construction industry, agriculture, horticulture and landscaping, municipalities, rental parks and recycling companies. All products of the Kramer brand are characterised by advanced technology and the highest quality.

Around 450 employees work in the company. Great value is placed on internal training. The annual training rate is about 10 percent of the total number of employees and the numbers of industrial and commercial trainees is roughly equal.

The continuous success of the company and the above-average growth over the last few years has led to the largest investment in the company’s history: the construction of the new plant in Pfullendorf. After relocating all production and administration to the new site, machines have been coming off the production lines since the second quarter of 2008 in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe.

The Kramer brand …

…stands for all-wheel driven wheel loaders, tele wheel loaders and telescopic handlers with extreme manoeuvrability, off-road capability and high efficiency.

We always develop and build our machines according to the needs of our end users. Whether for the construction and recycling industry, the municipal economy, horticulture and landscaping or many other industries – our machines are problem solvers for the most varied tasks and challenges.

Kramer enjoys an excellent reputation across worldwide markets. The innovative capacity, quality and versatility of our machines has made us the number 1 choice for our customers.

Kramer is one of three brands of the Wacker Neuson group. This co-operation creates synergies in order to advance research, development and growth more quickly and safely.

The history of Kramer

Kramer was always a pioneering company with a completely unique path. Kramer’s ideas have changed the way in which material is transported and how handling problems are easily and efficiently solved with machine technology.

Maximum profitability using well thought-out service concepts

Mini loaders, wheeled loaders, tele wheeled loaders or telehandlers: just like the concept of all-wheel steering that is installed in all machines, the economy of maintenance was designed directly into the vehicle.

Value comes with performance.

Service increases safety. Strength comes with the brand. Kramer stands for service and quality, even after purchase! From diagnosis to training sessions to repairs and the availability of original spare parts, you will receive first-class all-round service at Kramer.

Maintenance, diagnosis and repair
  • • Optimal and quick accessibility to all maintenance points through wide-opening engine and maintenance covers
  • • Machine-specific original maintenance kits for transparent maintenance costs
  • • Clear maintenance schedules for the best possible overview
  • • Generous maintenance intervals for short downtimes
  • • Modern diagnosis tools provide for quick troubleshooting
  • • Dealers have access to complete and comprehensive product documents and current technical machine documentation
  • • Our customer service supports to dealers with complex problems
Training sessions
  • In the modern Kramer training centre, practical training is fully aligned to the satisfaction and sustained success of the customers. The motto here is: Only satisfied customers stay loyal!
  • Every year, over 300 service technicians from Kramer distribution partners world-wide receive expert training and so are always fully up to date with the latest information.
Warranty and safety
  • Security 24 / Security 36: With the warranty extendable to 24 or even 36 months, our customers can increase their carefree period.
  • They are protected against all eventualities by tailor-made insurance coverage.
Original spare parts
  • All spare parts that you can source from your Kramer dealer meet the strict requirements of our component manufacturers. Dimensional accuracy, performance, fit and a high degree of availability can only be offered to you by the original part.

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